Both sexes lie about "sex"

They all tend to jav incest  "falsify" the number of sexual partners, women will give a lower number than the real number to suit "social norms" while men "falsify" to expand. his manliness. That is the result of research from Ohio State University (USA).

239 students aged 18-25 were invited to participate in a study of their frequency in performing 124 different behaviors during the day (ranked from never to several times a day). ). Subjects interviewed with and without connection to the lie detector.

The results showed that both sects were quite honest with the recognition that some behaviors were not considered as "characteristics" of their sects, such as men writing poetry while women gossip. joking about obscene things or doing things that are still considered "men's".

But when it comes to sex, most want to be seen as normal, willing to lie to preserve the image. The purpose is to suit the cultural characteristics, social prejudices. Women want to be perceived as having less sex experience than they used to be, while men put on the "true man" image: Must have as many sex partners and as many experiences in bed as possible.

The research is published in the latest issue of Sex Roles.\

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